CANSW Privacy Policy

Effective January 1, 2004, the federal privacy legislation requires that CANSW obtain each member’s formal consent to collect, use or disclose personal information.
The renal social worker’s name, business information (address and phone #) are not protected by the privacy act. This is automatically provided to all CANSW members.
CANSW will not sell nor provide its membership list to external persons unless required to do so for legal reasons.
CANSW members are requested not to provide the Membership list to external parties. All inquiries should go to the President of CANSW.
Advocacy on the behalf of a CANSW member or financial assistance to a CANSW member will be kept confidential at the Executive level. Non-identifying information only will be provided to the membership at large during CANSW business meetings.
All other information (education, committee work etc) will be shared with the Executive and Regional Representatives and to the Membership at Large consent.  Membership application forms will indicate a consent clause to collect this information.
In order to protect a Member’s personal information and right to privacy, CANSW will:

  • Not collect, use or disclose personal information for any other purpose than those that we identify to the Members.

  • Safeguard any personal information to the best of CANSW’s ability.

  • A CANSW member should contact the President of CANSW if he/she wishes:

  • To review or alter personal information collected on the Membership application or Financial Assistance forms

  • To withdraw consent to sharing the information we have on him/her

  • To lodge a complaint about the CANSW Privacy Policy and how it is managed

  • To pose any questions

***Only the CANSW Executive can distribute a membership list in accordance with the   Privacy Policy