Holding Spaces: Allyship Work in Anti-Racism, Mental Health and Addictions
Dr. Jag Gill, MD, FRCP (C); Dorothee Chopamba, MSW, RSW; Rachelle Bensoussan, MA, CT (She, Her) Being Here Human; Heather O'Neale, MSW, RSW; Mitch Bourbonniere, MSW, MSM, CMHW, (C/A); Donna Alexander, MSW, RSW
CANSW members and Financial Assistance to attend Annual General Meeting

CANSW recognizes that it may be financially difficult at times for CANSW members to attend the AGM. CANSW would like to support members when fiscally able. Please contact the CANSW President, Corinne MacNab, at cjmacnab@osmh.on.ca for further information.

Corinne MacNab, Tricia Hutton, Veronica Javier, Jody Max, Samantha Mason
Astra Zeneca; Amgen