Jane Dicks Award

The Jane Dicks Award Guidelines
  • The award will be presented as an acknowledgement of significant achievement within the profession of Nephrology social work in Canada. It is a recognition, by the community of Nephrology social workers, of outstanding contribution made by a Nephrology social worker in many (not necessarily all) of the following areas:
    • Community work (such as Kidney Foundation participation)
    • Outstanding clinical work within the individual’s renal unit
    • To the Canadian Association of Nephrology Social Workers
    • Education and Research/ Publication
The award recipient will:
  1. Be a member in good standing of CANSW
  2. Be a member in good standing of the provincial college/ association/ regulating body
  3. Have a minimum of 3 years Nephrology social work practice
  4. Have recognized educational achievement in the field of social work
Le prix Jane Dicks
Le prix sera présenté comme une reconnaissance de réalisations importantes au sein de la profession du travail social en néphrologie au Canada. Il s’agit d’une reconnaissance accordée par la communauté des travailleurs sociaux en néphrologie en lien avec la contribution exceptionnelle d’un travailleur social- travailleuse social en néphrologie dans de nombreux champs d’expertise, mais pas nécessairement tous.
  • Le travail communautaire (tel qu’une participation à la Fondation canadienne du rein)
  • Travail clinique exceptionnel au sein d’une unité rénale de l’individu et avec l’ACTSN
  • Éducation et/ou recherche et/ou publication
Le lauréat du prix devra :
  • Être membre en règle de l’ACTSN Être membre en règle de l’organisme de règlementation de l’association provinciale du collège (ordre professionnel)
  • Avoir un minimum de 3 ans d’expérience dans la pratique du travail social néphrologique
  • Avoir une réussite scolaire reconnue dans le domaine du travail social

    Jane Dicks -  December 25, 1928 - July 9, 2020
    • Jane Dicks practiced as a renal social worker at St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, for over 13 years
    • Jane received many awards for her work in Nephrology Social Work during the years of her two 10 year stays in Toronto
    • a founding member of CANSW
    • held CANSW executive positions as President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer
    • was on the annual Conference Planning Committees for 10 years
    • was instrumental in developing close ties with the Council of Nephrology Social Workers (U.S.)
    • acted as a mentor to countless new Nephology Social Workers in Canada
    • embodied the philosophy of holistic care to renal patients and their families
    • fought tirelessly to achieve better psycho-social services for all renal patients
    • Jane went home to the UK from Toronto in 1992/3 but returned for numerous holidays staying with friends in and around Toronto, hence she joined CANSW  members at the annual conference in Kingston, Ontario for CANSWs 25th anniversary
    • When Jane returned to the UK for the second time in 1992, she lived in a large village, Hurstpierpoint in West Sussex.   She started a weekly Lunch Club for 25+ elderly folk in the village and gathered a band of volunteers to help.  Jane raised money for many charities.  She participated in community life and was well known in the village
    • Jane was thrilled to attend one of the Queen’s Annual Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace in recognition of her voluntary and charitable work, as well as receiving more awards!
    Previous recipients of the Jane Dicks Award:
    • 1995 Mary Catharine McDonnell
    • 1996 Mary Lou Karley
    • 1997 Phillipa Prescott
    • 1998 Douglas Parsons
    • 1999 Betty Ann McKenzie
    • 2000 Robert Fraser
    • 2001 Gail Picone
    • 2002 Cathy Mosher
    • 2003 Pat Reed
    • 2004 Mary Mariano
    • 2005 Amy Canter
    • 2006 Shirley Pulkkinen
    • 2007 Gary Petingola
    • 2008 Lyle Stockwell
    • 2009 Diane Boisjoli
    • 2010 Corinne MacNab
    • 2011 Ricki Ross
    • 2012 no nominations received
    • 2013 Linda Church
    • 2014 Angie Tuovinen
    • 2015 Andrew Mantuluk
    • 2016 no nominations received
    • 2017 no nominations received
    • 2018 Neil Thompson
    • 2019 Anna Deveaux
    • 2020 Deanne Graham
    • 2021 Michelle Jensen
    • 2022 Elisa Tamasi
    An individual may receive the Jane Dicks Award no more than one time.