Mary Lou Karley Award

The Mary Lou Karley Mentorship Award
This award was initiated in 2009 to recognize the outstanding Mentorship contributions made by a CANSW member in the field of Canadian Nephrology in the memory of the late Mary Lou Karley. The Mary Lou Karley Mentorship Award made its inaugural appearance at the 2009 London CANSW Annual General Meeting and was awarded to Karen Ahola. The recipient of this award for 2010 will have the following attributes as outlined in a letter of support from the nominating CANSW member:
    • A CANSW member for a minimum of 5 years ( renal social worker or Associate Member of CANSW)
    • Member of an appropriate college
    • Demonstrated experience in mentorship of others (students, colleagues, in CANSW)
Le prix Mary Lou Karley
Le lauréat pour 2020 aura les attributs suivants :
  • Être membre de l’ACTSN depuis 5 ans (membre ou membre associatif)
  • Membre en règle d’un ordre reconnu
  • Avoir une expérience reconnue dans le mentorat d’autrui, y compris des collègues, des étudiants et membres de l’ACTSN

    • Mary Lou Karley August 9, 1954 - March 21 2009
    • Mary Lou started her career at the Children's Aid Society in London in 1981 after getting her Masters from Wilfred Laurier
    • Mary Lou was a pivotal person in the history of CANSW. She was a transplant social worker at London Health Sciences Centre-University Campus from 1984, and one of the founding members of CANSW.
    • Mary Lou's career path took her to the School of Social Work at King’s University College where she was a coordinator for Field Instruction and a part-time instructor in the School of Social Work.
    • Mary Lou continued to be a devoted supporter of CANSW and was a part of the Executive of CANSW for many years.
    • Mary Lou was involved with the Kidney Foundation of Canada for 20 years in many capacities, including chair of the Patient Services Committee, chair of the Allied Health Committee, and National President from 1999-2001. She remained committed to helping patients and families with renal disease.
    • From 90,000 volunteers, she was one of 40 names submitted by the Kidney Foundation to the Governor General for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal. Mary Lou received the Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002 for her work with the Kidney Foundation, and in June 2003 was named recipient of the Harold W. Ashenmil Award, the Foundation’s highest honour, given to a volunteer for distinguished and long-term service, and significant contributions to the programs and organization.
    • Mary Lou's compassion and caring nature extended as well to all of her colleagues in the renal and teaching worlds. She was truly a remarkable presence and has made a difference in many lives. Mary Lou was committed to helping others achieve their potential.
    • When, sadly, Mary Lou passed away unexpectedly in March 2009, she left a footprint on the hearts of many social workers across Canada.
    • This is abundantly clear in that there are still three Awards given out in her honour every year:
      • The Canadian Association of Nephrology Social Workers Mary Lou Mentorship Award
      • The Kidney Foundation of Canada Mary Lou Karley Patient Services Award &
      • The School of Social Work at King's College, London, Mary Lou Karley Award for Excellence in Social Work
    • 2009 Karen Ahola
    • 2010 Cathy Gillis
    • 2011 Shirley Pulkkinen
    • 2012 Gary Petingola
    • 2013 no nominations received
    • 2014 Mary Mariano
    • 2015 Debbie Hodgins
    • 2016 Neil Thompson
    • 2017 Ricki Ross
    • 2018 Sonya Solman
    • 2019 Sarah Allen
    • 2020 Jennifer Bottoms
    • 2021 Jose Medeiros
    • 2022 Anita Vidic
    An individual may receive the Mary Lou Karley Mentorship Award no more than one time.